Ageing transition and grandparenting in Iran: a socio-demographic survey

Mohammad Taghi Sheykhi, Al-Zahra University

Transition from adulthood to old-age status is a great change for many people in different societies. In addition to increasing challenges such as water, energy, climate, food, income and employment being faced by many societies, numerous societies including Iran are facing a newly- emerging issue that is known as ageing. As the number of this social group is ever increasing, their life time passage at this stage is emerging as problematic. As ageing leads to grandparenting, the present research reflects the mutual relations between the ageing phenomenon and grandparenting. Similarly, as many people get the chance of having longer life in modern times, filling their time at the retired span of life, especially at the time of nuclearization of families, the new family structure creates surging problems for the people concerned as well as the societies. Social scientists of different disciplines need to intervene to find solutions for the emerging multi-dimensional problem of boosting ageing. One practical solution that the researcher proposes is grandparenting as leisure pursuit for the ageing people/grandparents. The new engagement gives them further confidence and joy to take care of their grandchildren. Therefore, the ageing people feel more social worth through rendering the given care service. The research investigates further means of leisure for ageing people with special reference to women that includes widows as well. The research is conducted on 452 families with grandparents in Tehran City.

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