The advantage of co-residence of grandparents and sufficient household wealth on life satisfaction of preadolescent grandchildren in Thai society

Aksarapak Lucktong, Mahidol University
Aphichat Chamratrithirong, Mahidol University

Family without elderly parents have been generally throughout Western culture, however, typical Thai norm is somehow respected on extended family which grandparents living in the same household. This study is focusing on the benefit of co-residence of grandparents on psychological development of grandchildren at early adolescence. Participants were at age 12 – 15 years in a district of Central Thailand. Self-administrative questionnaires were used to assess individual-household characteristics and psychological outcomes. Results support the significant of intergeneration family on youth’s life satisfaction. Household wealth is associated with youth’s life satisfaction, however, interaction between intergeneration family and household wealth is not statistically significant. Regardless parental attachment, intergeneration family based on sufficient household wealth could contribute life satisfaction among early adolescents.

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