Friday, September 2 / 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM   •   Room P 11

Session 91:
After divorce and widowhood

Chair: Matthijs Kalmijn, University of Amsterdam

  1. Childbearing after union dissolution: does the sequence of union matter? Yara Jarallah, Brown University; Sergi Vidal, University of Queensland;

  2. Has adjustment to divorce become more gender equal? Mothers’ and fathers’ income and happiness after marital break-up before and after the divorce law revision in Switzerland Dorian Kessler, Bern University of Applied Sciences;

  3. Trajectories after widowhood. Life-course pathways of widows and widowers in the Netherlands, 1873-1934 Ewout Depauw, Ghent University; Mariska Meints, University of Groningen; Adriana Santacroce, Sapienza Università di Roma;

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